Simple, ultra-secure and fully controlled email communiation via the internet – that’s possible, right?

// Kai Rehnelt, CEO

No matter your location // your system // your recipient
and fully independent from your configuration

What if …
your emails
became invisble?

lets you communicate around the globe
confidentially and ultra-securely
with your business partners.

Make it easy
for you and your partners
while always staying
in full control of your emails.

No IT skills needed, with the convenience
of your normal Outlook or Webmailer.

Based on our patented
non-visible-data technology.

End-to-end protection

Wir bauen den Schutz nicht um die Daten auf, sondern die Daten schützen sich selbst.

Ab Entstehung Ihrer E-Mails. Nicht nachgelagert. Sondern vollständig und durchgängig.

Also reliable in insecure environments or
when your business partner’s configuration is not quite right.

Even on the web and
even when the network is already compromised.


use our 1-click activation!




means not vulnerable!

More than compliant

European values reflected
digitally in a product.

You are in control
and you determine use and rights.

Respect by Design.
Free from meta and personal data.

Only visible when in use. And generally invisible
to third parties, even to us.

A solution for everybody!

Super easy to use,
flexible and adaptable for businesses.

Your packetPrivateBusiness
Send and receive emails ultra-securely
Unlimited number of emails and recipients
Grant rights
Free from meta and personal data
Outlook Add-In
Proprietary Hosting
Corporate Branding
API with third-party systems
Admin console for user admin