This is how it works

Seclous AddOn for Outlook® for Windows®
– secure and controlled emailing made simple!

If you use Outlook® with Windows®, you can get our Seclous Mail AddOn with just one click. Once installed, you can not only easily send highly secure mails, but also enjoy additional features to control what the recipient can do with your mails and attachments. Watch the following videos to see how quickly the add-on is installed and ready for use and how easy it makes the secure exchange of mails and files.

Download our Outlook Add-On with our 1-click installation

Write and receive secure emails in Outlook as usual.

Write text, add attachments, and set the recipient’s rights as needed.

All you need to do is send emails from Outlook as usual – but from now on, we make sure they are secure and controlled.

Seclous Webmailer
simply log in!

You’re on the go, or you don’t use Outlook® with Windows®?

Kein Problem – mit unserem Seclous Webmailer senden und empfangen Sie E-Mails immer sicher von überall. Sie müssen nur zu Ihrer gewohnten Mail-Adresse ein persönliches Passwort angeben, Ihre Mailadresse bestätigen, und schon können Sie sicher mit Freunden, Kollegen und Geschäftspartnern kommunizieren.

Or install it for your kids to safely communicate with friends, classmates, and teachers.

Just enter your email address
and a password of your choice
and you are all set!

Send and receive emails as usual,
but now you will finally be fully secure, even on the go and from mobile devices.

Sorgen Sie nicht nur für den eigenen Schutz, sondern auch für den Schutz anderer. Einfach mit einer seclous mail.